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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Site update!

Woo hoo! this weeks site update is complete and posted. this week my site features a change to the horrific womans head that was there before a page comiled of all my favorite critters. and MY DEMO REEL! so please feel free to visit my site and check out the new stuff.

Friday, April 14, 2006

More Critters

Wow I just can't stop drawing these alien life forms. it's rather fun! woo hoo!


Aren't they the cutest little insects you've ever seen?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The removal of microsoft.

This might be a stressed induced post but I have to speak opely and genuinely about something that is ruining our way of life as we know it. Microsoft! This shifty eyed company has made it'self the operating system of the world and has taken over verything. But was it worth it? what have we benifted out of this? we now have operating systems that crash and crash and crash. They microsoft branded programs get constantly outdated and you can't upgrade to a new version unless you happen to stumble onto a large lump some of money. Whats worse is thier customer support. I had a great time dealing with them today. I spent 3 hours one the phone 5 minutes of wich was spent talking to represtantives who passed me around from one to another. unil I hit the end of my fuse. The last person who talked to me asked me for my case number, somethign I wasn't issued with the last 4 reps so I was informed that they have to make a case number for me and I would be transfered to that department. I had spent my afternoon from 1 in the after noon to 4 in the after noon listening to holding music and stupid announcements just to get no where? That's the last straw. I officially begin the petition to have microsoft forced to make either quality products or to refund every one and never make anythign again!
If you feel teh need to support this petition please leave a comment on the blog.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More stuff I'm doing

While working on the story boards I'm also redoing the head of that girl I placed on my site in my last update. here is a sampl of her replacement.

stuff I'm working on.

some thumbnails of a storyboard I'm doing. it's a out of fun thing not really meant for anythign in perticular.