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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

X-MEN 3 Booo! Hisss! Bad movie!

Ok I don't care what ridicule I get for this but I have to be honest! I went to see X-men 3 today and I left thinking I want my money back! It was a really bad movie! so before you jump on me for doing that let me explain my reasons.
here is my list of things that were wrong!
1 lets start with juggernault! he's a britt? hell no he's not! he was an american soldier and professor x's half brother. he was a mutant? ummm no he wasn't! listen I don't really read the comics and I know that his powers come from a ancient aztec ruby he found. would he work for magneto, I suppose he could in theory but lets be realistic, he hates mutants. All he wants to do in life is get rid of tehm and his half brother prof x.

2 bit cameo's for main characters. Our dear cyclops gets killed off in the beginning 15 minutes of the movie charles xavier 30 minutes or less and h's gone too. Now I'm not a noob to the comic world of exmen I know this much professor x dies and comes back to life a few times, so does jean grey, so does beast, and havoc and well everybody dies in the x-men univers and comes back to life no real surprise on that. but when it's a movie and at the start? just seems liek they paid alot of money to contract these actors to kill them off and early. sure they'll come back from teh grave somehow but really at teh end of the movie who is still around from x men 1? iceman storm and wolverine.

if you haven't seen the movie yet don't read anymore it wil ruin it for you..... or might make you see the light.

3 silent but deadly! Jean grey let me guess she got larengitis during the filming so the rewrote the script so she doesn't talk. cause she really didn't talk much at all. walls talk more then her grass talks more then her and sepaking of the srtong silent types how about magnetos little punk minions. 1 of them only used her power once and said nothign teh entire time. I didn't even know she was a girl! and the chinese porcupine kid? what the hell? since when did that power earn you teh right to be on the right hand of magneto... his standards must have dropped. that explains why he lost. hey spike from x-men evolution showed up, if it wasn't for teh fact that he was originally suppose to be marrow from teh comics it would make sense but it really doesn't.

ya know at least brian singer did research about x-men. there is so much more I want to say about this crap movie! but I think that what I have said is proof enough. and Proof that I need a life. but on a positive note congrats to the canadian kids who played iceman and kitty pride. she's from halifax and sh did a good job. I don't really knwo why they decided to bump her role from minor to major but they did.

some more good things about teh movie. they used the danger room finally we get to see it in real life. there was a sentinal. for the hardcore x men fans that rocks! for people who don't know crap about x-men they won't know what it is because it wasn't explained, but at least it was there. Kelsey Grammer did a great beast fine acting on his part as always, I felt all tinglely inside when angel busted those restraints and unleashed his wings. verry cool moment. and great action scenes they definately pleased the action man inside me. but that's it.